Remote Starters

Car starters, they just rock.

Installation included - starting @ $350
Remote Starters available for all vehicles
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  • Start your car with your phone
  • Keyless entry (phone compatible)
  • Anti-theft (available)
  • Defrost without leaving your bed
  • No more cold morning drives
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Coolant Flush

We all need a good flush.

Starting @ $69.60
Cost excludes coolant
Don't wait, Protect your cooling system today!
  • Protects your cars cooling system
  • Ensure proper freeze / boil protection
  • Free visual inspection of belts and hoses
  • Maintenance saves you money
  • Eco friendly disposal
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Heated Seats

Because they feel so good.

Installation included - starting @ $200
Available for ALL vehicles
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  • Variable temperatures
  • Makes your butt smile
  • No more cold seats
  • Same day installation
  • Discrete controls
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Full List Of Services

AC Condensors

ac condenser

We offer AC condenser and evaporator repairs. We can..
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Aluminum Welding


Because so many heat exchangers are now constructed of aluminum it is important..
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Chrg Cooler Repair


Charge Air Coolers can be found on most turbo charged vehicles, especially..
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Custom Gas Tanks


We can custom build gas tanks out of aluminum, steel..
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Industrial Radiators


If you have need for a custom built radiator for industrial or agricultural applications..
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Custom Aluminum


If you have a street rod, race car or show car application that is difficult to cool or..
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Fuel Tank Repair


When you’ve got a fuel tank leak not only can it be a costly waste of..
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General Auto Repair


All of our services can include one stop shopping where we not only offer repair..
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Exchange Repair


Inner cooler & heat exchangers come in many forms. There are..
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Oil Cooler Repair


When it comes to radiant oil coolers mounted in the air stream, we..
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Radiator Rebuilding


Rebuilding leaking radiators is what this business was founded on…
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Radiator Repair


Sometimes small repairs are in order and can save our customers money & time…
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Recoring Services


Sometimes the core or center section of the radiator is beyond it’s usable life..
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