Recoring Services

Sometimes the core or center section of the radiator is beyond it’s usable life span but the tanks & brackets are still in good shape. When this is the case, we can replace just the center section or core with a new piece reusing all the other components. The benefits of this process are 3 fold.

First of all, the radiator or heater core can be assembled with a variety of different & improved core designs that can actually out perform the original and can be better built to suit the intended use of the equipment whether automotive, agricultural, industrial or over the road truck.

The second benefit is that each unit is hand assembled using the amount of solder needed to complete a heavy duty assembly, rather than high production assembly lines that often use a predetermined amount of solder that is just enough to hold the radiator together and make a certain warranty period and that’s all! (We typically use 2 to 3 more solder to assemble a radiator as any leading manufacturer of complete all metal radiators).

Lastly, if the piece being worked on requires that it remain in it’s original configuration with specific part number and manufacturer’s tags such as a restoration piece; we can accommodate by carefully reapplying all the numbers & part tags.

Our Promise

A promise to our customers: Thank you for letting us serve you. We always do our best to provide service in an expedient and cost efficient manner. Our job is to help you by supplying quality parts and service. None of us here walk on water but you can always be assured that we will try our best to TAKE CARE OF YOU !

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