Radiator Repair

Sometimes small repairs are in order and can save our customers money & time. When damage occurs from impact or other mishap the radiator often was not having any structural or wear issues from old age and can frequently be repaired at a much smaller expense than rebuilding or replacing the unit.

Whenever it is possible to do so, we repair rather than replace the cooling system components, only as long as it is advantageous for our customer. We are experts at repair of most types of heat exchangers including radiators, heater cores, large industrial exchangers, oil coolers, tube & shell coolers, inner coolers, charge air coolers, steam coils, and others.

Whether construction is aluminum, copper, brass, steel, stainless steel or a combination of any of these materials, we can assess the problem & help you find a solution.

Our Promise

A promise to our customers: Thank you for letting us serve you. We always do our best to provide service in an expedient and cost efficient manner. Our job is to help you by supplying quality parts and service. None of us here walk on water but you can always be assured that we will try our best to TAKE CARE OF YOU !

Working time

WEEK DAYS:  08:00am – 6:00pm
SUNDAY:  Appt Only
AFTER HRS: Appt Only

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