Radiator Rebuilding

Rebuilding leaking radiators is what this business was founded on.  While most shops were patching leaks & covering up what they couldn’t fix with stop leak products, Best Radiator built its reputation on completely disassembling all metal radiators, stripping off all the old solder on every assembly joint, laundering the metal & reassembling the radiator with all new high quality solder.

No rebuild is complete without physically running cleaning rods through every tube & high pressure flushing the assembly repeatedly throughout the rebuilding process so it is as clean as when it was first manufactured and better constructed by using more material than the manufacturer in most cases. A thorough job always includes resetting each & every fitting & connection on the radiator tanks as well as all brackets.

Large bolt up industrial & truck radiators not only get the previous treatment but are reassembled with high quality gasket material & all new flange lock hardware to ensure good gasket seal integrity & long life of the finished product.

We believe our rebuild processes and methods result in some of the finest finished product that can be purchased & stand behind our products with a warranty against workmanship defects to protect and assure our customers that we believe in what we do and want them to be comfortable and assured that they are getting the very “Best Radiator” services the industry has to offer.

Our Promise

A promise to our customers: Thank you for letting us serve you. We always do our best to provide service in an expedient and cost efficient manner. Our job is to help you by supplying quality parts and service. None of us here walk on water but you can always be assured that we will try our best to TAKE CARE OF YOU !

Working time

WEEK DAYS:  08:00am – 6:00pm
SUNDAY:  Appt Only
AFTER HRS: Appt Only

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