Charge Air Cooler Repair

Charge Air Coolers can be found on most turbo charged vehicles, especially over the road trucks. They are mistakenly referred to by some as an “Inner Cooler” but in fact, “Inner Coolers”, as the name implies, are typically water over air coolers found on the inside or interior of the engine, rather than a component located in the air stream in front of the engine.

Charge Air Coolers are air to air coolers typically found in the air stream. Their function is to cool down compressed air from the turbo charger or in some cases centrifugal superchargers. Boyle’s law says any time you compress a gas, you will get heat. Compressed induction air in the form of boost is forced through the Charge Air Cooler to reduce the heat of compression and then into the engine increasing total horsepower out put and efficiency. When a Charge Air Cooler leaks, valuable boost is lost causing lost power and fuel efficiency.

In fact, a badly leaking Charge Air Cooler on a 5 day a week over the road truck cat today’s fuel prices can waste as much as $10,000 a year in fuel! That’s a pretty significant reason to get your Charge Air Cooler inspected and repaired if needed and can easily save you enough money in a years time to address other necessities like tires, brakes, etc…

We offer guaranteed “Zero Leak” recore services for Charge Air Coolers where we cut out the center section of the assembly, prep the tanks and brackets and tig weld the assembly back together with a premium quality core. The units are then pressure tested and inspected to ensure you get the quality assembly you are looking for.
Simple repairs of core damage are also available and will be recommended in cases where a repair is practical. Did you know that some manufacturers allow for an acceptable leak tolerance on brand new units?

At Best Radiator we have no acceptable leak tolerance on our new core assemblies however, if your old one has a few minor leaks at 30 or so lbs. of pressure, we will inform you but will not hard sell you on a new one. In these cases, it is better to get some more use out of the piece and recheck in 12 months to see if it is worsening and if so, recore at that time. Your bottom line is our concern.

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