Spring is coming! Tips and tricks for preparing your car for the season transition.

Spring will be here before you know it. Congratulations for making it through the winter! Now is a great time to get you cooling system inspected for any possible leaks or get a cooling system flush before summer comes on. If you have not had your cooling system flushed and coolant replaced in more than a few years this is not a bad idea to have us take care of this for you before dirty coolant can develop into a bigger problems. It also gives our techs the opportunity to give your car a quick visual once over while we are under the hood to help stave off any other potential problems by assessing the condition of wear items such as belts, hoses and the air filter.

Also, if you have not had your fuel filter changed within recent memory, this is a great time to get that replaced as well. Some manufacturers recommend replacing fuel filters as often as every 10,000 miles. With todays fuels incorporating ethanol as a blend, there are often more problems associated with water in fuel as alcohol is hygroscopic and tends to pickup water from condensation in fuel tanks in your vehicle as well as at the pump. Neglecting a dirty fuel filter can overtax your fuel pump and cause premature failure which can be much more costly than staying up on replacements and service. Simply review your manufacturer’s recommended fuel filter replacement interval and see if it’s time, or we will be happy to look into that for you and make recommendations.

A special note to farmers and ranchers…..

We have a number of farmers and ranchers that bring their pickups and off road equipment in to our shop to simply remove the radiator ( and charge air cooler/inner cooler ) to give them a good exterior cleaning before summer hits. With today’s sophisticated cooling systems, especially in diesel pickups, their are often multiple cooling cores stacked in front of one another with no good way to get them cleaned out while still in the vehicle with out doing damage to the fin material. We remove each heat exchanger and clean out the accumulated debris from the exterior of each, with the exception of the ac condenser which we will clean out in the vehicle with the other components removed. This can help facilitate trouble free operations going into the summer, free from overheating and having problems when you need these vehicles to work the most.

Don’t forget your air conditioning. As we head toward spring and begin to get into the early summer months, customers will begin to depend on a properly functioning air conditioning system. Don’t wait until the dead of August to address these problems. We will be happy to take a look at the condition of your ac system this spring and address any potential problems we may see coming around the corner. If all is well, we will be just as happy to give your system the thumbs up with no charge for visual inspections and send you on your way with confidence that the system has at least been visually inspected by a professional!

Happy Motoring!

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