What should my antifreeze test to?
AYour antifreeze should test to -32 Degrees Fahrenheit.  This will typically be a 50/50 Mix. This is optimum for summer and winter protection & will help prevent corrosion.
My service engine light is on, should I be alarmed?
AA service or check engine light display means something is not quite right with your vehicle.  It is always best to get your vehicle inspected for a professional opinion. Remember, yellow or amber lights mean “caution” but in the event of a red indicator light, it is best to shut off your vehicle and call us.
My vehicle was scanned at a parts store for a warning light…
ACodes such as “catalyst inefficiency” or “heated O2 circuit low” do not necessarily mean these parts are bad. Don’t waste $$ on parts that you may not need. Codes reveal a symptom but may not pinpoint the actual problem. We offer free scans just like the parts store, so do yourself a favor and start here.
How much does it cost?
AParts are easily quoted, repair jobs are not. “Quoting” repairs over the phone without inspecting the problem may be a disservice to you, the customer, as well as us. We will always try to give accurate “estimates” to the best of our ability.  Most completed work leaves our shop at slightly less than estimates.
I can’t find what I’m looking for on the website?
AWe have most of our products & services on the website however sometimes we get a curveball and have to improvise. Customizations are one of our favorite things to do! If you like our work and wonder if there’s something we can help you with, give us a call!

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